Information on discontinued model of roof fan is updated.


Thank you for choosing our products. Please be informed that the following products among S series roof fans will be discontinued. The substitute products are as per below list.

Impeller diameter    Model          Substitute
45cm          RV-18BT2A-1 →  RV-18S(3-phase)
              RV-18BSA-1  →  RV-18S(1-phase)
              RV-18BS2A-1 →  RV-18S(3-phase)
50cm          RV-20BT2G-1 →  RV-20S(3-phase)
              RV-20BS2G-1 →  RV-20S(1-phase)
60cm          RV-24BT2G-1 →  RV-24S(3-phase)
75cm          RV-30BT2-2  →  RV-30S(3-phase)
90cm          RV-36BT2-2  →  RV-36S(3-phase)
105cm         RV-42BT2-2  →  RV-42S(3-phase)

The estimated EOL is in June, 2014.