• Environmental Policy

Environmental policy

Teral Kurita recognizes that the improvement of global and regional environment is one of our top management priorities, and continuously pursues for making the better product and environmental maintenance improvement, through our business activity and employees' conduct.

1. We clarify the environmental impact given by the sales and production activity of our company's line of business, (including unit fan, roof fan, air curtain, multiblade fan, fan for factories, duct fan, axial fan, fan for agriculture, frost protection fan, and motor), and makes effort to protect environmet and continuous improve of environmental management system.
2.In order to reduce the environmental impact, Teral Kurita defines the following purpose and goal and continuously promotes and review them. 

 (a)We will provide the products and services that customers will be satisfied with,
 (b) We are working to develop and offer enegy-efficient products.
 (c)We are working to eliminate unreasonableness, waste, and inconsistency, aiming to energe saving and   resource saving activity.
 (d)We are working to improve quality of our products and materials. 
 (e)We are working to reduce waste generated during production.
3.We observe applicable legal requirements related to the environmental side and the other requirements which our company agreed to accept, and act for environmental improvement. 
4.This environmental policy will be served upon the whole company and all intersted parties, and carry out an environmental education and internal publity activity in addition.
5.This environmental policy is available to the public.
 April 4,2014
Takayuki Sugata
President  Teral Kurita co.,Ltd