• Message from our president

Message for customers

Since 1938 we have been thinking of what will be required in the future and provided various kinds of superior products to the market while conveying the spirit of our founder, Katsumori Kurita, stipulating that we must contribute to the society with better products.
Our philosophy of Teral Kurita has never been changed.
We will correspond to a market change  and centering on 3 fields of electrical /electronic field, building facilities, and agriculture/stock-breeding, continuously participating in the new energy technology and energy conservation in order to create extensive contribution to society.
Teral Kurita continues making more efforts for technical improvement and development of products.
Teral Kurita Inc.
Hidetoshi Fukushima



I:  Continue making our social contributions with the power of wind.
II:  Exist to pursue the happiness of the employees.


1/2 of power reduction for all our products before 2045.

Due to the environmental changes such as global warming, we think a trend of the saving energy has been a key, not only to produce a fan sending wind, but contribute to saving energy. We set a goal to save 50% electricity for our production.

Career Development


A person who tells the fact 
No matter how it is a disadvantage point for oneself or other person, we share it to argue each other, and go on toward the true benefit.

A person who respects for others

Do not forget the feelings of gratitude for any small matter. "Thank you" is the best word to make others energetic. 


A person who can take immediate action

Take action immediately when making up one's mind. There is no need to hesitate or confirm uneasiness each other.


A person who challenges

The person who challenges may sometimes carry the risk of failure. Failure is a bitter and regrettable, but we encourage it with 

every effort.


A person who attempts the impossible

Our predecessors have become the impossible possible. If only you mind believes it, there is nothing we cannot do.